Giant Animal Inflatables

So I recently saw this video on YouTube of someone who had a massive pool full of giant animal inflatables and firstly it made me laugh, but secondly I got to thinking there were a whole load of them that you could get hold of! I do remember as a kid having an inflatable canoe type thing that was in the shape of a dolphin that was a favorite of the family whenever we headed to the beach or to our friends’ pool but I don’t think there was such a massive array of giant animal inflatables around then so that was likely only one of a few that were available (and of course a dolphin is not an animal!).

Anyway, so I thought I would take a look around for what kind of inflatables you can buy these days and found a whole load of stuff. I also found a giant inflatable King Kong but that is another story. The giant inflatable monkey to the left is 5 feet tall which sounds pretty big to me. Also the killer whale on the right is a good option for pool or beach at a very reasonable price and I had to add in an inflatable dolphin even though it is not in the shape of a canoe!

So, veering back to land animals and in particular African land animals I also found this inflatable zebra. You can also get this on a bigger size for a bigger price but this one looks pretty good for starters.

In terms of other giant animal inflatables there are quite a few dinosaur inflatables and on the left is a Tyrannosaurus inflatable as a good example.

Click on any of these options and you are sure to get an even larger selection and hopefully exactly what you are looking for. These options are from the US Amazon site so may not be available to all.