Pool Alarms

If you have a pool, then one of the things that you are probably well aware of is pool safety. Nobody wants to be responsible for the death of a child, pet or loved one that can result from falling into a pool unexpectedly. Pool alarms protect from unexpected falls into the pool and can actually save lives. There are several different types of pool alarms, including built-in swimming pool alarms, floating pool alarms, wireless pool alarms and infrared motion detector alarms so it can be a bit of a tough choice.

If you have a pool then a pool alarm can provide peace of mind when you have children or indeed any non-swimmers around, as you know by the fact that you are reading this! Here is a summary of the type of alarm systems that you can get for your pool. Your own situation may dictate the type of pool alarm that is most suitable for your pool.

Built-In Swimming Pool Alarm

Built-in pools can have great alarm systems installed with the pool when it is initially constructed. Most of these types of pool alarms have what is called “sleep mode,” where the alarm can be turned off while you are using the pool. Simply turn the pool alarm off and then turn it back on when you have finished using the pool. Obviously the important thing is to remember to turn it back on.

Another great feature of built-in swimming pool alarms is that they are often tamper-proof. The pool alarm will sound when it is removed from the pool, making it more difficult to interfere with unnecessarily. One of the problems that frequently arise with other types of pool alarm systems is that they can be removed and then not replaced in the pool, preventing the alarm from sounding if someone falls into the pool.

Pool Alarm

Floating Pool Alarms

Floating pool alarms are useful as a temporary solution if you need one. They are mounted on the side of the pool and are battery powered. They also require a key to disable the alarm or enable it. Floating pool alarms can also be installed even with a pool cover or solar blanket on the pool.

The way a floating pool alarm works is by detecting changes in the water if anything heavier than 15 pounds enters or falls into the pool water. A signal is then sent to a transmitter which is installed either in the home or can be carried and the alarm sounds.

Wireless Pool Alarms

Wireless pool alarms are pool alarms that talk using a wireless access alarm system. They are commonly used in community pools and park pools. Wireless pool alarms work in any weather conditions and have a long and wide range of 140 square yards. They are easy to install and use.

This type of pool alarm sends out a voice message when it detects movement in or around the pool, alerting you to the presence of anyone near the pool. There are two to three sensors that alert the pool alarm and each has its own voice message to indicate where people are present.

Infrared Motion Detector Pool Alarms

Infrared motion detector pool alarms are the most innovative and newest type of pool alarm available. They operate off of battery power and have a 24 hour notification when the batteries are running low. It can also be run from a DC power adaptor. The infrared motion detector pool alarm is the loudest pool alarm on the market today and emits an ear-popping 110-decibel alarm when activated.

Not only does this pool alarm detect motion in the pool itself, but also motion in the area and heat from anyone in the range of the pool. The detection area of this pool alarm is an 8.5-yard radius and 150 degrees.