Pool Chlorinators

If you own a pool, you cannot get around the need for pool maintenance in order to keep you pool sanitized and clean. Chlorinating your pool by hand is very time consuming and takes away from the time you could be spending swimming in your pool and enjoying yourself. Instead of doing it the hard way, consider using a pool chlorinator system in order to keep your pool fresh and clean. These chlorinators aim to add a regulated amount of chlorine to your pool to keep it clean.

Floating Pool Chlorinator

Floating pool chlorinators are probably the easiest chlorinator systems to use. You simply drop chlorine tablets in the floating chlorinator and let it float in your pool. Depending on the type of chlorine tablet and the number of tablets the pool chlorinator holds, you may be able to ignore the pool chlorine for anywhere from a month to three months.

Pool Chlorinator

Floating pool chlorinators work by letting water flow across the chlorine tablets as it floats in the pool water. This provides a constant uninterrupted stream of chlorine in the pool as the tablets dissolve over time.

Floating pool chlorinators can be used in both above-ground and in-ground pools. They can also be used in spas and hot tubs.

You can find floating pool chlorinators in a variety of fun shapes and sizes, with amusing or attractive shapes positioned on the top of them. Popular styles include ducks, lighthouses and sharks, just to name a few.

Floating pool chlorinators are very inexpensive and can be found for less than $30 at most pool supply stores.

Off-Line Pool Chlorinators

Off-line pool chlorinators are especially well designed for above-ground pools. They work by feeding chlorine into the pool through a feeder line which is then dropped into the pool water. They can be used with either chlorine or bromine and can be installed to work alongside the pool’s filtration and pump systems.

Most off-line pool chlorinators are designed to use chlorine tables or sticks that provide approximately three weeks of sanitation for your pool. They usually have a flow adjustment valve that allows you to control the amount of chlorine that is fed into your pool to keep it clean and fresh.Off-line pool chlorinator systems cost in the range of $75 to $100.

In-Line Pool Chlorinators

In-line pool chlorinators are pool sanitization systems that are installed in your pool’s plumbing system. This type of pool chlorinator system is more common in in-ground pools and is a bit more difficult to install. Some homeowners may choose to employ a pool plumber or contractor in order to install an in-line pool chlorinator.

In-line pool chlorinators are installed next to the heating system of the pool. These pool chlorination systems have a feeder line that provides chlorine to the pool through a feeder line that reaches into the pool water. In-line pool chlorinators are designed based on the size of the pool and water capacity.

No matter what type of pool chlorination system you use, choose a pool chlorinator that provides you with the best pool sanitization for your pool’s needs.