Pool Coping

There is no doubt that having a pool adds to the value of your home and to the enjoyment of your backyard during the hot summer months. Your friends and family definitely enjoy splashing about and swimming in a pool. But pool edges can be dangerous and result in bad falls and cuts if there is no pool coping installed. Pool coping might seem like a minor issue to consider when designing a pool, but it is an extremely important feature to include.

What is Pool Coping?

Pool coping is the edging that is installed along the edge of the pool. Most pools are constructed of either plaster or concrete and they can make for hard, sharp edges when the pool construction is finished. Adding pool coping as part of the pool construction and design protects you from these hard edges.

Pool coping is often made of stone, tile or other durable materials. They are placed along the edge of the pool and create a soft curved edge.

Pool Coping

Pool Coping Safety

Pool coping provides and additional layer of safety for when you and your family and friends are using the pool. When the pool is constructed, the construction materials harden and create hard, sharp edges. The softer edges provided by installing pool coping prevent injuries and cuts that might occur should someone slip and fall along the side or edge of the pool.

Increase Pool Life

Since most pool are constructed of concrete or plaster, they are prone to cracking and damage over time and need maintenance to repair the damage that has occurred. Pool coping provides a layer of protection against cracking along the edge of the pool. This will extend the life of your pool and save you money in the long run.

Pool Coping Design

Installing pool coping as part of your pool design will actually make it more pleasing to the eye. Hard, sharp concrete edges make a pool look unfinished. If you incorporate pool coping into the design of your pool, you will not only make it more safe, but you will make it look better. Pool coping can be installed along both curved and straight lines, so you can have a custom look for your pool and still be safe and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Deck Protection

Often, when the pool is used , water is splashed up along the edge of the pool and up onto the pool surround or deck. This can happen getting out of the pool or when vigorous play is happening. If you have a waterfall element to your pool, the pool surround can also experience water being splashed up on it. Because pool water is full of chemicals, it can lead to corrosion of the pool surround.

Having pool coping installed actually helps prevent this type of damage to the pool deck and surround. Most pool coping will encourage the water to drain back into the pool because of the curved edge. Also, drains can be installed as part of the pool coping to prevent puddles from forming along the edge of the pool.