Pool Covers

It does not matter if you have an above ground or an in-ground style pool, a pool cover is a must to help protect your pool and keep it clean. You already made an investment in your pool so it makes sense for you to make an investment in pool covers.

Pool covers do a lot more than just keep leaves and debris out of the pool. They provide retention of the water temperature so you can enjoy swimming in the pool for a longer period of time each year. Getting more enjoyment out of your pool is a big plus.

Pool Covers

Benefits Of Pool Covers

The usage of pool covers will also reduce the amount of chemicals you have to put in your pool. By covering the water from the elements of the harsh sunlight the chemicals in your pool do not break down as quickly, keeping your PH levels at more stable levels. The reduction of chemicals used to maintain your backyard pool will be a large savings in operational expenses. And this will provide you more pleasure. If you are constantly worrying about the amount of chemicals you are using and the cost of those chemicals you are not getting the full benefits of your recreational pool. The simple addition of affordable pool covers can save you that stress and some money.

Pool covers save you a lot of time by keeping the debris such as leaves, dirt, pollen and bugs out of your pool water. It can take a lot of your pleasure time away if you are constantly skimming and vacuuming the pool to remove dirt and debris. Then the leaves get in there and cause you to have more algae in the pool so you have to spend extra time and money to clean the algae up. This can make having a pool more of a chore than an enjoyment. You can take some of that cleaning time back by putting a pool cover on.

Having a pool is fun and relaxing but it can also create a place for accidents to occur. No one wants to entertain the thought that an animal or Heaven forbid, a small child might slip and fall into your pool while you were away. You can reduce the chances of anything like this ever happening by installing pool covers for safety. Then you can relax even when you are not right there to protect everything and everyone concerned.

Pool covers actually come in many styles depending on your main reason for wanting your pool covered. The prices on the covers will also vary a great deal depending on the size, style and materials it is constructed of.

You can buy pool covers that are specifically designed for safety measures. These are an excellent idea if you have small children or there are a lot of small children in your neighborhood. The covers designed for safety usually come in either solid material or the mesh. They generally have straps to connect them to springs that are secured to your deck.

Included in the variety of pool covers that you can buy are solar heating pool covers – these can be either a flat solar pool cover or in round solar sun rings that you inflate to a predetermined level and then use to cover at least 70% of the pool. Solar pool covers can help to keep the temperature of the pool at a usable level so that you get more use out of your swimming pool.

Winter Pool Covers

You may also just want to buy a pool cover to keep the pool clear of algae, dirt and debris during the winter months when you don’t actually use the pool. If you buy a good quality pool cover then you need do the minimum of maintenance when you open up the pool in the spring. The prices of winter pool covers obviously depends on the size of the pool as well as the quality of the pool cover but you can get a good quality pool cover for an in-ground rectangular pool for around $100: