Pool Enclosures

If you have a pool, then you may already know about the benefits of pool enclosures. Pool enclosures can be constructed of glass, fine mesh screens or vinyl walls. Pool enclosures save on pool maintenance, reduce debris that might enter the pool and extend the swimming season, just to name a few of the benefits.

Pool Enclosure Construction

There are several different types of pool enclosures. These include glass, mesh screens and vinyl walled enclosures.

Glass pool enclosures are the most expensive but provide the most attractive option for installing a pool enclosure. Usually, they are made of tempered safety glass that will protect someone if they accidentally fall into the wall. Glass enclosures can be highly attractive and allow you to feel as if your backyard is close at hand while you are swimming and enjoying your pool.

Pool Enclosures

Mesh screen pool enclosures usually have an aluminum metal frame that is easy to install and maintain. This type of pool enclosure is probably the most popular and relatively inexpensive type of pool enclosure to install.

Vinyl wall pool enclosures are similar to placing a large vinyl bubble around your pool. They hold in heat and protect from the elements outside. Vinyl pool enclosures are inexpensive, but they need to be replaced after several years because they are prone to damage and wear.

Pool Maintenance

Since pool enclosures protect your pool from the outside elements, installing one results in less necessary maintenance. You will need to use fewer chemicals in the pool water because there is less direct sunlight exposure. You will also need to clean your pool less often and do not need to install a pool cover.


A pool enclosure prevents debris from being blown or falling into your pool. If you have large tress in your backyard or there is a lot of wind in your area, this can be an extremely attractive benefit to installing a pool enclosure. No longer will you need to skim the pool or have a pool sweeper installed. Instead, you pool will remain pristine longer.

Longer Swimming Season

If you live in an area with limited hot summer months, then you can appreciate the thought of extending the swimming season, particularly if you use swimming as your primary form of exercise. Instead of being restricted to the months of June through August or September, you can enjoy your pool from April or May until September or October. This can be especially beneficial if you have a heater installed in your pool to warm it up as the weather turns cooler.


One of the concerns that almost any pool owner has is safety. If you have a pool enclosure installed, there are many ways in which it provides safety. Not only does it prevent neighborhood children from wandering into your pool unattended, but also the doors are self-latching and self-closing. This stops anyone from breaking into your pool and using it without your permission.

Additionally, having a pool enclosure installed prevents annoying pests from bothering those who are using the pool. Instead of being concerned about bees, hornets or wasps, the air is pest-free and enjoyable.