Pool Filter Sand

If you wondering how often you should replace the pool filter sand in your pool filter system, the answer is about every five years or so. It is certainly possible to go longer, much longer, without changing the pool filter sand, but the longer you leave it without changing it, the less effective your pool filter becomes over time.

What Is Pool Filter Sand?

Pool filter sand is sand that is located in your pool filter. It is sand that has a diameter of approximately .45 to .55 and is very rough when new. If you think of sand as the cleaning element in the pool filter, then it is like having rough stones in the filter. As these little stones of sand become exposed to the running of water over time, they become smoother and less effective at filtering out debris and contaminates in the pool water.

Why Should I Change the Pool Filter Sand?

There are lots of reasons to change the pool filter sand. First, the longer you wait to change the sand, the less effective your filter will be as the pool water runs through it. This can mean more necessary maintenance for you. Whether you are doing the maintenance yourself or you have a pool service maintaining your pool for you, this leads to added costs and more time spent on keeping your pool clean and fresh for your use and enjoyment.

Pool Filter Sand

Another reason to change the pool filter sand is that leaving it alone can lead to increased need for pool chemicals. This can be expensive in the long run and also lead to over use of chemicals in your pool.

With more use of chemicals in your pool also comes more corrosion and destruction of the pool’s surface, leading to cracks and crumbling of the pools walls. While pools need to be resurfaced from time to time due to cracks in the cement or plaster, this process can actually be accelerated if you need to use more chemicals that would otherwise be needed.

Another problem that can arise from not cleaning the pool filer sand when needed is that the filter will become so penetrated with sand and it will be pushed so far into the filter than you cannot clean it easily with backwashing. Instead, you will need to completely remove the filter housing and clean it.

Where Do I Find Pool Filter Sand?

You can purchase pool filter sand at almost any pool supply store or home improvement store that has pool supplies. You can even purchase it from online stores.

Is Replacing the Pool Filter Sand Easy?

This is not a job to do yourself if you are not comfortable with doing plumbing chores or are uncomfortable working around water pipes. Instead, call a plumber for this pool maintenance chore. Some pool service contractors will also perform this service for you when it is needed. Many pool service companies will perform an annual inspection of your pool filter and other pumps and will recommend replacing the pool filter sand when it is needed.