Pool Ladders

If you have an above-ground pool, then you will have an idea of the importance of pool ladders. Pool ladders provide more than just a way to get up into your pool. They also provide safety and stability for anyone who is using the pool. Pool ladders come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be found for a wide variety of prices.

Pool Ladders For Safety

Above-ground pools can be hard to get into. Not only are they high above the ground, but they are also sometimes slippery and do not have a pool surround or deck to provide support when getting in and out of the pool.

Pool Ladders

Pool ladders provide this means of safety and support for anyone who is using the pool and is trying to get in or out of the pool. Often, they have handrails leading up the steps of the ladder, which a person can hold on to when using the ladder. For most people, this is an important feature and one not to be ignored.

Pool ladders usually have brackets that install along the side of the pool. This provides additional stability and keeps the pool ladder from shifting underfoot as it is being used to get in or out of the pool. These brackets can also be used to attach the pool ladder to an existing pool deck or surround if one exists.

Pool ladders come in many shades and colors and should be visible apart from the pool. This helps people using the pool be able to see them as they approach the pool and as they are exiting the pool.

A-Frame Pool Ladders

One type of pool ladder for above-ground pools that provides exceptional safety and stability is the A-frame pool ladder. This type of pool ladder has steps on both sides of the A-frame and a small platform that allows for entrance and exiting of the pool. A-frame pool ladders are generally designed to be used on above-ground pools that do not have a pool deck or surround. However, they can be attached to a pool desk with the entrance/exit part of the platform leveled with the top of the deck.

Pool Ladder Accessories

If you have a pool ladder installed for your above-ground pool, then you will probably also need some accessories to make the ladder useful for getting in and out of the pool. One of the most commonly used accessories is the small in-pool ladder attachment. This is a small ladder that is placed inside the pool and allows people to easily climb in and out of the pool onto the pool ladder platform. These are also sometimes called in-pool steps. In-pool steps have additional weight attached to them so that they do not float, since they are not attached to the actual pool sides.

If you have an above-ground pool, then you will need to invest in some type of pool ladder system in order to provide access to and from the pool. Pool ladders provide safety and stability for above-ground pools and are also an attractive accessory for your pool.