Pool Lounge Chairs

If you have a pool, then one of the pool accessories that you will want to invest in is buying a few pool lounge chairs. Pool lounge chairs can be used to lounge around the pool before or after enjoying a nice swim in the pool or for relaxing in the sun next to the pool. There are also pool lounge chairs that float and are intended to be used in the pool. Before buying pool lounge chairs, be sure to think about how they will be used and who they will be used by.

Chaise Pool Lounge Chairs

Chaise pool lounge chairs are chairs that are for sitting next to the pool, soaking up the sun. These chairs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and different materials.

Some of the most beautiful chair pool lounge chairs are those made of teak. Teak weathers and ages well and will last a long time, although it is expensive to buy.

You can also buy nice quality cast aluminium or wrought iron lounge chairs that have cushioned fabric coverings. The coverings can be removed and stored so that they don’t get damaged by the elements and the wrought iron is a very hardy material that will last for a long time, look very attractive and need very little upkeep.


Pool Lounge Chairs

Another kind of very popular chaise pool lounge chair is the plastic or resin one. This form of lounge chair can be found at many community pools and campgrounds around the country. It is made from high impact plastic and is resistant to mold, mildew, pest infestation and breakage.

Plastic pool lounge chairs are usually relatively inexpensive, particularly when compared to those made of redwood or teak. Although they may not look as good as wooden or iron chairs they are highly durable and cost effective, particularly if you need large numbers or some spares for when guests visit.
The most inexpensive type of pool lounge chair is the vinyl chaise pool lounge chair. This cheap pool lounge chair has three adjustable sections which allow you to adjust both your feet and your head. They are easily transportable and are made with aluminum frames. In a similar vein is the textile pool lounge chair.

These are either proper loungers or they also come in a three way chair style that can be extended to lie flat. They are made of a weatherproof material that is also pretty comfortable and often they will pack up flat for easy storage.

Floating Pool Lounge Chairs

Another type of pool lounge chair is the floating type. This kind of lounge chair is usually designed from floating material and allows a person to go out into the pool and then climb onto the lounge chair from within the pool. You can find floating pool lounge chairs in sizes that accommodate one or two persons. Find more info on these in the Pool inflatables section.

One type of floating lounge chair is one that uses floating noodles for floatation devices. These come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and usually have an aluminum frame to house the actual chair portion of the lounge chair.

Another type of floating lounge chair is the blowup plastic floating chair. This type of chair can be found in a wide range of colors and shapes. Plastic floating chairs are usually very inexpensive and they have to be replaced every year.

Children’s Pool Chairs

Another type of pool lounge chair is those that are designed for children. These are lounge chairs that are smaller in scale for children and often come in fun shapes that appeal to children. Many of these pool chairs are made from plastic and need to be replaced annually, although they are very inexpensive.

If you are thinking about buying pool furniture, then think about getting at least a few pool lounge chairs. Whether they are meant to be used while sitting around the pool or for lounging in the water, they will add to the enjoyment of your pool by your friends and family.