Pool Paint

In order to keep your swimming pool in the best condition, you will need to repaint it every so often so that the paint is fresh, new and does not have cracks and flaking does not occur. How often you need to paint your pool depends on the type of pool paint that you use, as each particular kind has a different longevity and quality.

If you are looking to paint your pool then there are 3 types of swimming pool paint that you can use. The type of paint you should use depends on which paint you already have on your pool. For example if you are using epoxy pool paint to paint your pool then it should already have epoxy pool paint underneath. However, you can used water based pool paint to paint over any surface so this may be a good option to go for if you are unsure as to what type of paint your pool already has.

If you are not sure about what to paint your pool with or what it has been painted with in the past then get your local pool maintenance company to come over and give your pool a check, they can advise you on the best options.

The most durable pool paint is epoxy paint which can (and should be) used on new pools as it is the most durable pool paint. Epoxy paint will last for 7-10 years if it is applied correctly to the pool.Epoxy pool paint comes in a variety of colors to suit your pool, from white to dark blue.

Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint is the next most durable option – painting your pool with chlorinated rubber pool paint will give it a life span of around 3-5 years before it needs repainting.

Water based pool paint is the easiest and least expensive pool paint to apply to your pool. However, it is also the least durable and will last approximately 2-3 years before you will need to repaint the pool. it also comes in many colors and as noted above, you can use it to paint over swimming pools that have been previously painted in epoxy or chlorinated rubber pool paint.

When painting your swimming pool either for the first time or when repainting, the one key thing that you need to do to ensure that the pool paint lasts as long as possible is to prepare the surface that you are painting on. If the pool surface is not completely dray and well prepared then you are likely to get subsequent problems which may include cracking, bubbling or flaking of the pool paint. So it cannot be emphasized enough that preparation is key to a long lasting swimming pool surface.