Pool Patch

Pool Patch Repair Kits

With normal use of a pool occasionally you may get a tear or a rip in the pool liner. If the amount of water in your pool is slowly decreasing, even when taking into account normal evaporation, then it is possible that you have a pool tear or rip in the lining and this will really need to be dealt with as soon as possible, otherwise it may get worse and will cost more to repair..

Depending on the severity of the tear you may be able to repair this yourself with a pool patch repair kit. However, if the tear or rip is large though it may be better to get a professional in to repair the tear. Check on the pool patch repair kit as to what size of rip or tear it will cover to see if you can do this job yourself. This is a good reason to check the pool regularly for rips or tears so that you can keep on top of it yourself.

There are different types of pool patch repair kits available which may depend on whether you have an in ground pool or an above ground pool, or if the tear is above or below the waterline.

Pool patch repair kits are not expensive and can save you money if you act quickly on the tear before it gets too big and you have to replace the pool liner or get a professional in to repair the tear – so it may be advisable to have a spare pool patch repair kit in reserve just in case you notice a tear in the pool liner. Check out a couple of options below that you could keep handy in case you need to do a quick repair on the pool.

Some pool patch repair kits are flexible as they are suitable for use both above and below the water line. They have a very strong adhesive that will seal the new patch with the existing vinyl and you can even apply the pool patch to the vinyl when it is still under water on some of the repair kits, so you do not have to go through the hole procedure of emptying the water out of the pool. It is not suitable to use everyday glue to stick a vinyl patch on as this will not last, a specialist pool patch adhesive is required.

You can buy different types of pool patch repair kits – there are the kits that supply a piece of vinyl together with a special adhesive and then you also have pool patch repair kits that are patches of vinyl that you can just stick onto the existing lining like plasters.