Pool Skimmer

A pool skimmer is an important piece of equipment that is used for maintaining your pool. Not only does it keep your water clean, but it collects leaves and other debris that accumulates on the surface of the water and prevents the debris from entering your pool filter. If you don’t have one then you may want to think about getting one or if you do have one that is old and needs replacing then there are several ways to fix or replace your pool skimmer.

Pool Skimmer Maintenance

Pool Skimmer

You should examine and inspect your pool skimmer on a regular basis. This means using a plumbers snake to clear any leaves, clogs or debris from the skimmer line.

You should also inspect the weir on a regular basis and if it is broken, replace it when needed.

Regularly empty the pool skimmer debris trap so that it does not become clogged up.

Consider installing a floating pool skimmer, particularly if you cannot afford to replace a broken pool skimmer. Floating pool skimmers float along the surface of the pool water and collect any debris that is floating. Although they are not as effective as other pool skimmer systems, they will stop damage from occurring to the pool pump.

Replacing the Pool Skimmer

This involves a great deal more work and can usually be avoided if you regularly maintain your pool skimmer and keep it in good working order. Here are the steps to replacing your pool skimmer.

First drain the water out of your pool.

Next, carefully remove the concrete surrounding the pool skimmer. Be careful not to damage the plumbing. The best recommendation is to use a concrete saw rather than a sledgehammer or jackhammer so that you do not damage the plumbing.

Now remove the coping or material surrounding the mouth of the skimmer. For above-ground pools, simply remove the bolts that attach the skimmer to the pool.

Cut the skimmer from the plumbing and remove it.

Install a new pool skimmer by attaching it to the pool plumbing. You can find replacement pool skimmers at almost any pool supply stores. They range in price from approximately $50 to $200.

Fill in dirt around the skimmer and then pour concrete above the new pool skimmer. You may need to create a form to hold the concrete in place until it dries.

Replace the coping materials around the skimmer.

Hire a Pool Contractor To Change The Pool Skimmer

As you can see, doing the work yourself to replace a pool skimmer can involve a great deal of effort. An alternative is to hire a pool professional to do the work for you. Before you hire anyone, make sure that you get at least three estimates and price compare. Not only should you get the best price, but you want to hire the best professional to do the job for you.

Ask friends who have pools for recommendations for pool contractors. Also look on the Better Business Bureau website to find out information about any contractor you are considering. Ask for photographs of their work and ask for their contractors license number. Beware of anyone who is reluctant to give you this vital piece of information or who refuses.