Pool Slides

There is no doubt about it, adding a pool and a pool slide to your home can add to the value of your house and to the enjoyment of your backyard. There are many benefits to adding a pool slide to your pool, among them the added enjoyment of your pool by your friends and family. There are several different types of pool slides you can choose from to install on your pool.

Pool Slides Increase Home Value

One of the greatest benefits to adding a pool to your home is that it significantly increases the value of your home. Many homeowners look at the costs and time involved in installing a pool to their home and decide against it. However, for those who choose to go ahead and make the investment, adding a pool can add several thousand dollars to the value of their home.

Pool Slides

More Fun

Kids definitely love sliding down a pool slide to splash into a pool when the weather is warm and it is hot outside. Adults love it too. Adding a pool slide to your pool is a lot less expensive and convenient than adding a diving board or diving platform to your in-ground pool.

You can also add a pool slide to your above-ground pool. There are many different types of above-ground pools available today and all of them can have a pool slide added to their side.

Good Exercise

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise that you can engage in. It provides a full body muscle workout and is low resistance. If you add a pool slide to your pool, then you can add the convenience of working out by swimming without your children realizing that they are getting beneficial exercise.

Pool Slide Types

There are several different types of pool slides that you can have installed along the side of your swimming pool.

The most basic is the inflatable pool slide. This type of pool slide is very inexpensive and can be purchased at many children’s backyard toy supply stores and pool supply stores as well as online. If you buy an inflatable pool slide then you can use it when you wish and get it out when you have friends and family around to add fun to pool activities. A great thing about an inflatable pool slide is that you don’t need a huge amount of room for them as they can sit at the side of the pool or in the pool itself – and also you do not have to take time to fix the pool slide securely to the surrounding ground or deck.

Another type of swimming pool slide is the standard above-ground pool slide. This is a relatively inexpensive style of pool slide that can easily be found at any pool supply store. They are easy to install and your family will get hours of enjoyment from your above-ground pool.

The most expensive but long-lasting type of pool slide is the standard built-in pool slide. However, this type of pool slide is not out of reach in terms of price for most families. This type of standard pool slide can be custom-made and is great to use when there are space considerations or you want a pool slide that is designed specifically to match your pool style.

You can also buy a variety of slides for your in ground pool that can be affixed to the ground or decking. You can get some really amazing pool slides similar to the kind of slides that you might find at a waterpark, but obviously a bit shorter! These pool slides have twists and turns in them and some of them are also enclosed tube pool slides. These more complex pool slides will give hours of fun for your children and their friends.

Pool slides are made of materials that will not damage and prevent corrosion of your deck or pool surround area. Most pool decks are made of concrete, tile or stone and corrode over time due to exposure to the sun and winter elements.

Pool slides offer many benefits and hours of enjoyment for your family and friends during the warm summer months when the pool is used the most.

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