Pool Vacuum

You have your pool installed and now you need a pool vacuum cleaner. There are several different types of pool vacuum cleaners available on the market today, including the robotic pool cleaner, automatic suction cleaners and pressure side cleaners.

Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are probably the most expensive type of pool vacuum cleaner on the market. They range in price from 700 to 2,000 dollars.

This type of pool cleaner has a small transformer that you plug into an outdoor GFI unit and is connected to the pool cleaner via a cord.

Pool Vacuum

Robotic pool vacuum cleaners scrub the sides and bottom of the pool. They are excellent at collecting dirt and silt that may accumulate along the bottom of the pool. They are also excellent at picking up small debris that may be on the sides or on the bottom of the pool. Robotic pool vacuum cleaners are also excellent at helping circulate the water in your pool.

Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Automatic suction cleaners are pool vacuum cleaners that use suction to move around the pool. This type of pool vacuum cleaner helps circulate the water around your pool by pushing water through the filtration system. This makes the pool water circulate faster that it would without the suction cleaner at work.

Automatic suction pool cleaner is an excellent choice if you have small debris that normally accumulates in your pool and you rarely get large debris. This type of pool vacuum cleaner also scrubs itself against the walls of the pool, which reduces the amount of maintenance you need to perform on your pool.

Automatic suction pool cleaners are moderately priced and do not need additional plumbing or pumps installed, making them an excellent option if you are looking for an easy to install pool vacuum cleaner system.

Pressure Side Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Automatic pressure pool vacuum cleaners work with your already-installed pump and draw pressure from the pump to push the pool vacuum cleaner around the pool. You can also install a booster pump from which to run the pressure side cleaner.

Pressure side pool cleaners have bags attached to them that collect the debris in the pool as it moves around and pushes the water through it. This system does not push debris into your pump basket or pool filter.

This type of pool vacuum cleaner is an excellent option if your pool gets a lot of larger debris in it, like tree leaves. Pressure side pool vacuum cleaners do not filter small debris, dirt or silt very well and may not work very well for your needs if this is the type of debris you have in your pool.

Pressure pool vacuum cleaners do not work very well at providing additional circulation to your pool water and do not scrub the sides of the pool. This makes it necessary to do more regular maintenance on your pool than with other pool cleaning systems.

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to your pool cleaning needs, then installing a pressure pool vacuum cleaner may be your answer.

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