Pool Inflatables

Swimming Pool Inflatables

If you have a pool, or at least access to a pool, then why not make swimming even more fun with swimming pool inflatables? Not only can you get swimming pool rafts that allow you to laze in the sun at the same time as being cooled down by the water, but you can also get a wide variety of swimming pool inflatables that can add fun for not only kids but also adults.

Swimming pool inflatables come in various prices according to the size of the inflatable but overall they are pretty cheap and if looked after can keep for a number of years. Always make sure that children are supervised in a pool though – particularly those who do not swim that well. These pool inflatables are not intended to be lifesavers and definitely shouldn’t be used as such at the beach or in any kind of open water. Some pool inflatables come in the form of boats – maybe shaped like an animal, for example a dolphin – again these should not be relied upon for safety of your child but instead just considered as a toy.

Now that the safety warnings are out the way, check out some of the options in the Pool Inflatable Store below!

You can find a huge range of swimming pool inflatables for children – in particular those shaped like animals, birds etc. Children can sit on them and float around the pool or you can also get pool inflatables that are like small boats or canoes for the children as well as whales, dolphins and turtles!

As well as individual swimming pool inflatables for children, there are plenty of bigger inflatables that are great for parties or family get togethers. For example the Labyrinth Island Inflatable pool float is suitable for up to 9 people and could add some real fun to a family gathering. In addition to this you can get inflatable sofa lounges that sit more than 3 people so that you can all sit in the pool with a cold drink and chatting! Perhaps that is a good solution if you do not have enough sun loungers for the whole party! You could also get swimming pool inflatables for games such as basketball or volleyball.

Of course the ultimate swimming pool inflatable, if you just want to relax and soak up the sun, maybe with a cold drink too, is a deluxe personal inflatable mattress or lilo. These are really ideal if you want to chill out on a hot day – and there are plenty of luxury designs that mean you can be really comfortable floating in your pool on your lounger.