Time for Pool Cleaning!

Winter is a great time to consider a major clean of your pool if it is not being used for a few months. You may need to drain the pool and clean the liner and if you have a tiled pool then consider making any repairs to missing tiles or grouting. In extreme cases where maintenance has not been done for a while you may need to completely regrout the pool or replace the pool liner. Although it can be a bit of a daunting task there are plenty of pool companies out there that will come and do the job for you in a matter of hours or a couple of days, depending on the size of the pool and the job in hand.

This is really a case of a stitch in time saves nine and to keep the pool in top condition will enable you to use it for many years to come and to prevent what may be possible longer term damage to the pool surface. Perhaps you just need to do some minor repairs to some damage to the pool liner, in which case you can do this without emptying the pool. It may well be worth getting in a pool company just to do an inspection of the pool liner in case there are any issues that you may have missed, these can then be rectified and you know that you will have full use of your pool in the months that matter and will not have to stop using it when it is really needed!

If the pool does not need any repairs but you are not going to be using it over the winter, then be sure to get a good cover for the pool that not only stops leaves and debris falling into the pool, but also is safe for anyone so that they cannot get trapped under the pool cover. It is best to double check the installation of any pool cover to ensure safety for children and animals.